New store pics

Morning, feeling a little livelier today after the longest sleep ever, and anyways the store looks amazing, transforming itself into an ultra cool hangout. AND the revamp is still not finished, we still have to divide up the back with the coolest velvet wallpaper on earth, skim the floor with rugs, suspend a few more super cool chandeliers, install an art wall and scatter the floor with our dog lights - which (I can barely believe I am saying this) will be stock items in the next few weeks so can actually go from having terrible lead times to being brought off the floor! In the retail class which I believe is completely sold out I’ll be yabbering all about wholesaling, one of the most challenging, difficult things to get into, but that is for then and this is now. Some pics of my store: My new tableware only went in yesterday and its flying out which is amazing. I wanted to design a range that you wouldn't have to buy the whole set of (not good with sets) so baguette plates, bowls for soups, stews, etc., plates which double duty as platters that sort of thing, which look good with whatever you have. Maud and Mung's also eat off them (one of their favourite dishes from Lily's Kitchen fish pie, actually looks rather tempting!   Btw its all square - square being the new round of course and all hand thrown, hand glazed, yadda, yadda, yadda. Forgive me, I am excited, especially seeing it on mass for the first time in the store it kind of takes your breath away. The pearly king and queen zebra is by the artist Donya Coward who uses vintage textiles to make the most amazing animals from zebras to dog heads (on my Christmas list wish list a commission to Donya to make heads of Mungs and Maud). Talking of which we are collaborating with Donya, she is holding a weekend workshop in my pad so if you fancy creating an artwork of your pet over a weekend in October using vintage textiles and lace contact the store for details oh and there are examples of the kind of pictures you can create in the store, they are AMAZING and the perfect gift I might add. Flowers, flowers, flowers, Gem my sister has done the most amazing job - the flowers in the store right now are the jaw on the floor variety, AMAZING - people are literally coming in and smelling them so real they look! Leather chairs are piled with heaps of merino wool softly woven cushions, mirrors are super sized and lights dot the store casting beautiful little pools of yellow light. Right then I have to get on,  the Design School opens its doors this weekend so we will be talking about how to create your dream home (easy peasy) you can do it in 24 hours I reckon, will be breaking some rules, wondering around the house and finishing up with some decorating ideas to give you more bang for you buck! The house is in the biggest mess, Mung's decided to bring in the whole garden yesterday twigs, sticks, leaves and eat them and play with them all over the floor, being so tired I was like 'go for it', now however, thinking that wasn’t one of my better ideas! Hey ho have a lovely weekend

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