Circle Up

In two weeks time or there abouts we head to Australia to launch the Design School in Melbourne and Sydney which is incredibly exciting. Not quite so exciting is the fact that I am almost longer on the plane than on the ground but that is a result of a schedule that is a little bonkers and there is not much I can do about that. Never mind (stop with the grumbling) I say. Something I talk about quite a bit in class is the introduction of circular pieces to rooms. All rooms need circles or curves to break up the boxiness of a space - the more circles you add the more interesting a room becomes. I'm talking lamps, chairs, tables, and vases anything really. You don't have to over do it despite what I said above, a few pieces are enough to change the dynamic and break up the formality of the space. I tend to opt for little occasional tables and vases more than anything else but as I mentioned it’s entirely up to you.   This is what I'm talking about  a few pieces, curvaceous in form loosen things up a tad. Dawn is just beginning to break, its been raining pretty heavily so I am thinking a run is in order.  I feel like running full pelt with the rain lashing down, music pounding in my ear and the smell of the earth in the air. Oh and I have a confession to  make I like the rain, I like the feel of rain on my skin, especially when running. On the last day in Paris a few weeks back it poured  all day,  my parents who were in the city with us and I ended up buying poncho type rain macs in Monmarte with  I love Paris scrawled  on the back. Mine is lemon yellow long to the floor (and so touristy) and you know what I kind of love it. Its the kind of mac you could wear your pj's under and no one would know. Now all I need is a huge mountain, the wind blowing a gale and a long trudge up to the top in my mac, heavenly but listen I'm digressing have a great Tuesday!      

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