Decorating made easy

Today I feel like a tortoise or at least taking as long as one getting my self out of the bedroom and into the studio, tired, tired, tired.  Even a coffee, single estate Brazilian from Lela's with a dash of milk is not producing the result I had hoped for - ENERGY. Hey ho lets talk about creating extraordinary rooms, that might energise me a tad you never know. If you want the kind of interiors that are memorable, that make people linger longer, gasp, grab a camera and say out loud WOW then you've got to take a few risks. Seriously, as hard as it might seem you'll only get the results I'm talking about if you push a few boundaries, step out of you're comfort level and take the plunge. I'm not talking about wallpapering your living room in leopard wallpaper, or installing great big neon lights all over the wall; I'm talking about subtle little changes that will set your room apart. I talk about it often having a small percentage of items in a space that push it. Could be through  shape, colour, texture, could be because they make you smile, could because they add add an element of quirk it really doesn't  matter how you do it. Just do it! Below all three images (by Jake Fitzjones) push it through colour. Who would stick a lemon yellow chair in a room, I would its one of the most neglected of hues when it comes to interiors and it lifts lifts lifts any space. Or accessorize with heaps of patterned brightly hued textiles, I totally would see how it energizes the space. Finally it can even be as simple as opting for some jaw on the floor burnt orange blooms, that mesmerize you with their amazing hue and totally enliven this sideboard. Who said decorating was tough, its easy peasy no?    

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