Going a little oddball

Morning on this very rainy Monday. Hugest thank you to all of those who attended the design school this Friday and Saturday - had an amazing couple of days, everyone was so friendly and passionate about interiors - teaching I have to say has actually become one of the loveliest parts of my job especially when everyone is so relaxed and interactive. Australia in one week where we launch the first very flung Design school kicking off in Melbourne and then Sydney of course, cannot wait very excited indeed apart from the flight (hate flying) I reckon I've got until about mid week before the sleepless anxiety flying nightmares kick in! Never mind, pills are the way to go I reckon (possibly permanently for all of life's little ups and downs)! In the school I mention no matter the colour of your walls (believe it or not I do not lock everyone in a room and not let them leave until they promise to convert across to the dark side) if you can go a little oddball or off radar with your colour selection you're interior will look far more interesting. From experience people tend to play it a little safe with accent colours, bronze, mauve, mid blue tones REALLY? No I'm talking out of the park zingy line, electric shocking blue, a red tomatoey hue so bold that you have to double take. You don't need many but you do need a few of them to  be oddball. Simplest decorating trick in the book and the most transformative thing you can do to a room. You certainly don't need two sofas this huge in this colour, I'm emphasizing the point, big time, but you get my point right? Have a great Monday. Oh and for all of you who came on Saturday Maud apologises for her behaviour and sends a big sorry- took an hour on the naughty stair to make her realise that being barky and a little naughty especially on a school day is bad, very bad indeed!

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