Musings, moanings and groanings

Woke up Monday morning thinking I had a long but relatively quiet week at the studio only to find on Thursday I have to fly to Amsterdam, then drive 2 hours out into the sticks to go kill a supplier! OK maybe not kill exactly but my plan of getting heaps done has now been turned upside down and back to front. Never mind the inconvenience its caused, its the processing my poor brain has to do in order to take in another flight (hate flying) as well as the  23 hour one to Melbourne early  next week. Wake up times now have to shift forward 2 hours to compensate for a day I no longer have. Happy happy days I won't bore you with it, I will bore my team with it! The most frustrating thing about being in retail is being let down by suppliers, suppliers who by the way won't pick  you up at the airport (despsite the fact that you spend tens, tens tens of thousands with them each year) and suggest you get some yocal local train that runs once like every 3 hours and takes (get this) 2 hours to get to the back of beyond. REALLY. I said I wouldn't bore you apologises! OK enough of the moaning and the groaning we are here after all to get inspired about interiors. One small quick glance around my studio with soft pools of light quietly and softly glowing away and you know what I'm feeling a little better, not much mind but a little. If you study design you will be informed about the importance of the following: Create easy walkways Create a focal point Harmonise and balance a room If you come to my Design School you will see how we rip, tear and jump on such words because we do exactly the opposite. You might need some pills before you attend to calm the blood pressure but who wants to live in a beautifully co-ordinated space, surrounded by a series of beige  hues, I don't. I would have to leave and I do most of the time if  I happen upon such an interior.. Put me in a space that is co-ordinated with neutral tones to an inch of its life and I get jumpy, anxiety levels rise and before you know it I'm reaching for the pills to medicate the hell of myself. Extreme, a little but my point, we go round once in this life why not make the spaces we live in THE most tantalizing THE most amazing so when you pop that key into the door you heart skips a beat. Big thank you to Adore Home Magazine for mentioning the Design School next week in Australia there are a one or two spaces left on each of the days but literally no more than two its pretty much a full house. Also for all of those of you attending in Melbourne if you want to eat on site with moi the guys should have emailed you all the details, let me know if not, we just have to let the Supper Club know in advance, there are of course lots of eateries all around should you wish to go out and about. For all of those attending in Sydney we can just saunter into Mike's Kitchen which I here is fabulous and we don't need to worry about pre booking. Me done, have a good Tuesday

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