Have a headache the kind where you have to move at the pace of a snail because anything faster produces a thumping pain not good today because the work load is immense made worse by my sudden unexpected trip to Amsterdam tomorrow where I have to go kill a supplier!  If I get there that is, driving on the wrong side of the road in a car that is modern (my car a 1968 my old merc) doesn't go above 30 miles an hour when its running that is, has a few problems going up hill, has no heating and also no radio not that we need sound, it makes enough noise often very scary noises on its own). Although I must say I am rather excited about pulling up at a traffic light and not fidgeting and getting in a state because any longer than a one minute wait time causes the engine to overheat with steam pouring out the bonnet. Yesterday I was stuck for inspiration so I 'shopped' (an American term) my bookcase and pulled a couple of old tomes (14 year old books infact) Martha Stewart books down from the shelf. Now I know Martha gets a bad wrap and mostly I agree her interiors are a little out-dated, she hasn't particularly moved with the times its all way to formal and way way to uptight. We Europeans have a much looser style when it comes to interiors than across the pond, and many Americans would have no idea what I'm talking about defining her style as uptight, you just need to check out Elle Decor and Architectural Digest to see what I am talking about. That though is not my point, Martha single handily made us love our homes, she made me want to bake, grow things in the garden, stomp around the countryside and pick foliage. This time of year (my favourite) makes me think of those days living in the States (the happiest of times) Graham and I would drive out to cider mills, hike across the land, or sit in Borders with steaming cups of hot chocolate, he would read computer mags (yawn) I would grab every Martha book there was and slowly flick through the images savouring every shot, happy no pressure days which I kind of miss.  Just trawling through her website now with her seasonal flower arrangements brings back all those memories. Some shots from Martha’s website of seasonal pretty easy arrangements to transform any nook, table or alcove. If you are in a conundrum with arrangements  check out her site it’s a great for inspiration. Oh and an addition for the  To Do List today : Move back to America!  

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