Ditching Convention and a huge amount of thank yous

Morning back in London soil having slept 12 hours last night a record for me with the kids all snuggled up together with no interruptions (no scratching at the door to go kill foxes, cats, rats or whatever else passes by our house). I had the BEST repeat the BEST time in Australia, everyone was so amazing, each and every class made the day so much fun that I came away buzzing and found it so hard to switch off at the end of the day. Thank you thank you. In Melbourne we held our classes at the Supper Club a super cool building in the centre of town and in Sydney at Megan Morton's incredible school in Rosebury which was fabulous as was Megan and her lovely team, blown away by the friendlessness of everyone thank you guys. Cannot wait to come back across and spend a little more time in your lovely part of the world. We left Sydney on a beautiful sunny day Spring was certainly in the air, its not quite so Spring like in London (think pissing down rain) but who cares its a day for snuggles and cosy lighting and 'm back with the kids so for all I care it could hail stone all day and we wouldn't mind! One more thing on Australia and then back to business we are in the mists of trying to figure out how to bring the brand across since we send so much over anyways and you guys unlike some other countries totally get what we are about haven't quite worked it out yet (a bricks and mortar store at this stage is a little risky especially as we are expanding over here but I will do some research and see if we can do a concession somewhere with a capsule collection (let me know if you think of any store that might be good for us to approach) oh and we will most probably be launching a capsule collection of our products to retailers in Feb but I would love a concession (not least because I then have the greatest excuse to hang out in Australia for way longer)! Right then down to business please excuse the lack of posts - we had the most terrible journey to Melbourne (very nearly had to cancel) since it took 42 hours from London to arrive long story won't bore you with it all but it involved stopping at most countries in the Middle East and getting on some tin pot plane from Dubai to Brunei and then on to Melbourne, bonkers. Now I have no excuses so its regular postings from me;  so in the class we talk a lot about ditching convention as scary as this ditching convention sounds once you do it there is no going back. So in order to tantalise (and its one of the easiest tricks out there )accessorise rooms that typically get ignored like kitchens and bathrooms oh and gardens with the kind of stuff that you would also put in a say a living room. So I'm talking lighting if you plonk (sorry suspend) a beautiful pendant, sparkly grown up and gorgeous in the centre of your kitchen suddenly its takes on a whole different atmosphere. Same goes for bathrooms if you furnish them with the odd rug, chair, and accessory suddenly magic starts to happen. Creating interiors where by your jaw hits the floor is I promise easy peasy just decorate rooms particularly that are functional and practical with non-functional stuff. Seen here in the recent issue of Lonnymag, a chandelier in the garden wham bam suddenly its elevated to new heights and totally nails my point! Happy Wednesday I'm off to get milk (certain type of milk being an extremely fussy old bag) from Leila's, once that's in the house we can all get on with our day in a calm nature rather than me clock watching and huffing and puffing about having to wait 2 hours until its open. Hey ho

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