Tripple your lights

Morning I have to be super speedy as due in the store at 5 am so have ten mins to pen this and get dressed up and out! Last night curled up with Miss Maud on an armchair, (wasn't room for Mung's and she doesn't like him on the chair at the same time as her anyways) when I suddenly realised why the lower ground floor is my favourite place in the whole house. I get asked a lot by journalists why and my reply is always the same its because its where we spend the most time, cooking, eating, relaxing but actually last night with the fire gently burning in the grate and not a sound around I realised it was because of the lighting. Tons and tons of soft little pools of light setting such a beautiful glow creates the most amazing atmosphere when the light starts to drop. So many people at this time of year moan and groan about the clocks going back, shorter day light hours not me, this house in particular comes alive when dusk approaches and if you can light your outside like your inside it makes all the difference in the world its literally life changing! Anyways I counted up the lights, don't freak when I tell you this but there are 17 yep 17 in the lower ground flower, one chandelier (although I never turn it on), two pendants, two floor and all the rest decorative small table lights some expensive some a couple of quid. Lighting (for all of you who attend the classes apologises to bang on about it again) is the second most transformative thing you can do aside colour. So when you think you have enough lights triple them! Happy Thursday - off to see a property after our revamp but more on that another time x Oh and at the airport in Sydney I brought Ugg boats, haven't taken them off since my purchase they are my new best friend.

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