All change

Morning, my weekend wasn't quite as I thought, the idea of strolling across Hyde Park and onto Notting hill got bashed on the head when I realised I couldn't stand to go one more week without revamping the room adjoining my studio. As the business expands I find I am multi tasking more and more so need more space to spread out and the current room, as shot very beautifully by Mr Todd Selby seen below, was beginning to irritate me just a little too much. You know when you fall head over heels in love with something, a room, a person, an objet and then time passes and you'll like why was I sooo in love,  is kind of exactly what’s happened to me. This room looks lovely yet it just didn't work. I would whizz through barely spending a second in it and you could kind of  sense the room didn’t get lived in much. Anyone who has come to the classes has always said like me the lower ground floor is their favourite, why because I spend alot of time down there so its feels lived in and loved and this poor room got a bit neglected, alot neglected if I am honest! The room is small the sofa quite big and it dominated with its presence, not just that it wasn't comfortable the seat way to small so you couldn't squish and snuggle. The window (now I love love the window, it sold me the house) in the cooler months with the trees bare felt too austere I needed to layer in front of it. Funnily in Australia when I teaching the master classes only last week I got asked that question more than any other. When you have big windows as so many of you do over there what do you do with them? Convention suggests you leave them bare, you put not a thing in front of them they are the star of the house right? WRONG. Layer in front of them I've done it in my lower ground floor and the result is life changing, yes you to have to weave around stuff before getting outside but by God its one of the best things I've done. So in front of these big windows I plonked a console and it’s totally brought the room together. Before anyone asks what a hassle having to move the console to shut the shutters every night, they never ever get shut on this floor, summer, winter always always open. (I'll take more pics when the light comes up its still a little dark here in London) So other than that and a bit of pinching from other floors (namely the school room) everything else remains the same and I now get a room where I can research on squishy chairs in front of the fire or work on a big desk behind. Mung's and Maud now can’t sit in front of the window and bark at the neighbouring cats (a good thing), but they can sleep on chairs covered in sheepskins or finely woven merino wool throws with a fire slowly flickering in the grate. Kind of love autumn!  

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