Hats off

Morning, its Design School weekend kicking off today as well as tomorrow which is fabulous fun and I must say one of the coolest parts of my job. We have a full, actually more than a full house so it might be a bit of a squeeze but it will be fun. Maud and Mung's after a terrible night (foxes) have promised not to put a foot wrong otherwise boarding school! There are a handful of designers out there that inspire me, not many I hate to say but the few that do totally and utterly knock the pants off the others. NYC design firm Roman and Williams (founded by Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch) is one of them.. They used to be set designers infact the few designers that I admire all started out doing something else, myself included and its funny but those of us who have gotten into interiors via a different route tend to have a style that is alot looser a little more laid back. Roman and Williamss interiors tell a story, it’s all about the experience the journey the minute you walk through the door you are  transported into a sensory visionary world where history is respected and where story telling is central. I adore the lobby in the Ace Hotel in NYC (these guys designed the hotel)you walk in you feel immediately at home, even though its large (its dark, yikes) its comfortable and its inclusive. No rules, no boundaries just a belief that other people will love what they design as much as they do. Hats off I say, a few of their interiors below: Have a lovely weekend x

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