Things I love, Megan Morton

Today I wanted to tell you about an interiors book that rocks: Things I Love by Megan Morton. Megan is a design guru; stylist, designer, author, teacher (she has the most amazing school  in Sydney where she teaches all things design, where I also held my Sydney masterclasses a few weeks back) and on top of all that she is an exceedingly lovely person. I am a book junkie they are such a fabulous source of inspiration and this one in particular breaks down barriers. For example there is a section of fabulous houses that Megan has shot around the world (eclectic, inspirational, aspirational), a  fabulous section on how to add a stylist's touch to your pad for example how to antique a mirror, how to hang salon style art, how to make a room look wider and on and on. It's also peppered with bon mots and wise words like: "Never covet your neighbour's house... unless he's Christian Liaigre. Houses are only of value when the people inside them are." Brilliant piece of advice! or "Always be making plans. Big plans. Barbie dream house plans". You don't need to be a stylist or designer to create a dream pad you just need to believe in yourself, accept that you will make the odd mistake and not be put off by it. This book gives you the confidence to have a go. Seeing how a stylist as talented and experienced as Megan puts things together is inspiring, and you'll get to be a stickybeak (Australian terminology for being a nosy parker) by peering into other people's amazing pads too. Here's to Barbie dreamhouses!    

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