Have faith

Forgive yesterdays lack of post, yesterday was a bit of a right off actually. Had an early appointment in town and then once back in the studio couldn't settle, who knows why but my head was all over the place, by 2pm I gave up completely bundled the two M's in the car and hiked with them over Hampstead Heath. We (that’s the royal we and didn’t include me obviously) rolled in fox pee, run through muddy puddles, zoomed up hills and felt marginally better. Came home, lit a fire, read a book and went to bed at 9. Day over! Days like that are rare thank God but when they happen I've learnt not to fight it, and just go with it. If it all feels too much change the scenery do something else. When I first opened the store I naively had no idea what it would be like running my own business or being a boss, hell I just wanted to buy then sell cool stuff. Mad hey? I had no idea how the workload would take over everything, and 99 per cent of the time I am cool with that, yesterday I wasn't hence the walk in the park. Today I feel refreshed ready to battle what was bothering my yesterday – AND the point you ask. Yes the point if you feel you need a career change (come to the retail class) no seriously put the motions in place NOW. If you feel like your interior isn't quite up to what it should be, change it NOW! Don't procrastinate start paving your own path, interior wise, work wise, yes you may self doubt (I do a lot) but my only piece of advice would be to believe in yourself and listen to your gut or inner self. My gut has gotten me where I am today (yes there have been a few, a big few mistakes along the way) but I trust it implicitly. Should I start therapy sessions? No bad idea no time, message of the day; you shape your own destiny no one else- go out there and do. I leave you with an image of an interior that I showed you a year or so ago. Why again because for me this interior is one of the most amazing I have seen, it inspires me to look at my interiors all the time and think are they good enough, could I do better? It belongs to the Italian photographer Pierro Gemelli and it nails everything I want an interior to be. Happy Thursday  

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