Finding new art

A huge big thank you to all those who attended the retail class, it was  fabulous inspiring day. Some people had businesses others were thinking of starting them so will be keeping  a watch out in the upcoming months to see whats going on - you can never have too many interiors stores I say online or otherwise, particularly as the majority of them over here are a trifle dull! I was trawling through Elle Decor's website recently when I came across a rather cool image, below: Those of us who have brick walls tend to under embellish them including me but how fab does a collection of cool art look. Brick walls or no brick walls art enlivens giving spaces instant personality, In my perfect life I would  jet off once a month to somewhere for the weekend and wander around a city nosing into galleries and little hidden off radar places seeking new art to bring home for my walls or I should say for my store's walls.  I love art be that flea market, gallery esq or young grads particularly when its layered up so you don't take in any one image in one hit you kind of have to linger and stay a while. Linger time (as we all know in the retail classes) is the most important thing to achieve - linger time at home also easy to achieve the trick as always is to layer a space up. You cannot expect anyone to spend one second in it unless you have things going on, on walls on mantles on surfaces and art is a sure fit way to start the ball rolling. Where to buy is the big question, well a couple of sources I continually look at are, and Prices start as low as £90,  there are of course a zillion designers out there with their own websites where you can buy off line or commission, check out  our very own Rose Hill ( a print artist) , Pure Evil   in Shoreditch is always on my radar and has a selection of prints and paintings and, (a collection of artists studios) usually throws its doors open at Christmas when you can pick up some cool finds from prints to paintings. Happy Hunting.  

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