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I'm going to yoga in less than 30 mintues, so what I here you say, well unless I write it down then I will wrangle out of it and make one trillion excuses not to go so forgive me for giving you the more mundane aspects of my day! OK so on with the important stuff, interiors and the reason I love them so much and bang on about how life changing they are. If you've come to the Design Classes you will have seen these images before since we drill down into them a bit, but you can go from this: To this: Same room but with layers, layers, layers. The more layers you add the more interesting a space becomes. Pad in question belongs to US designer Nate Berkus and I bang on about this alot in the classes but in order to get an interior that gets people gasping for breath and you never wanting to leave is to create as many little areas of interest as you possibly can. Nate has a lot of stuff going on and yet its doesn't feel crazy it feels interesting and perhaps the biggest tip I can give you is actually a simple test. Can you walk in a straight line from one end of your room to another, without weaving? If the answer is yes then I hate to say you may need a bit of help because it probably reads as a tad dull. With Nate's interior with my interiors you can't , there's chairs on the angle, little tables jutting into the center, foot stools whatever it is you don't want the furniture all around the perimeter. Please no emails about practicalities like won't it take longer to hover and dust and all that boring stuff. Yes it does but would you rather live in a pad where you have to dust a little longer or a sterile space where you have to medicate yourself up to even be there! Another example from Nate this time his kitchen - paint something dark and wham bam magic happens.   Fabulous kitchen, the cupboards are the same but have just been painted out. For once I need not say anything else as the images do all the talking! Happy Tuesday  

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