Wallpaper and gardening

Sometimes I get a little obsessed with things; the right lights on at certain times of the day, good coffee, the woodpile at the back of the garden never so depleted that you get to see the back wall, that kind of stuff! Wallpaper is y latest obsession, when I worked on the show Get Your House in Order I had to befriend wallpaper in a big way since there was so little time to design and I needed something with alot of personality to change the vibe in many of the rooms. Since the show I have become alot more passionate about it purely because of its transformative powers. So these  tin tile papers we have in  store tick all the boxes and I am literally obsessed. So I have a question? I am thinking of introducing a new product line to the store - a garden inspired section. Don't freak I'm not talking wellies and secateurs I'm talking cool cool pots for balconies and gardens, fabulous plants in amazing trugs, branches, various barks and mosses for pots, river stones to put in the bottom of pots to help the water flow, beeswax gnomes, garden furniture not the naff kind the amazing kind, vintage stoneware, over sized jugs that kind of stuff, oh and  all of which will be designed around this tin tile paper. I'm bored with whats out there - the major garden centers have little to be desired and I think (could be wrong) even in the depths of winter some beautiful heathers or box in a trug,  or the coolest winter foliage cheers up even the gloomiest of winter days?  I'm sort of thinking about a mini Petersham  in the heart of London, because why can't things for the outside be as cool as things for inside. What do you think?

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