Great living rooms and why they work

I could write a whole book on this subject (don't panic I will be brief) creating a fab living room is easy easy easy if you follow a few guide lines. So lets start with your current furniture arrangement does it work or do you feel it could do with a lift? Moving furniture around and changing its position by the way is exactly like giving a room a face lift it freshens, it enlivens and it wakes a room up. If your room is small (or large) try not to butt the furniture right up against the wall around the permimeter, you'll need to break it up with something a super skinny shelf, a console anything that you can layer up to distract the eye from the space looking bijou or too large, plus as  I say a zillion times more layers more interest. Whether your space is dark and sludgy like mine or bright and white like ... (trying to think of a nice word here) never mind, I can't so  bright and white lets just say,  adding colour, small shots, large doses will take the space to another level. Colour is intoxicating particularly if you can go off radar with your selection, electric blue, saffron yellow, burnt orange anyone? In the store we have the most amazing selection of flowers in the most beautiful hot pinks, oranges and reds, plonk a few of those on a mantle piece and suddenly wham bam your space has gained a few style ratings! Lighting is key - no down lights on walls please the light is too unflattering - think table lamps, floor lamps, pendants that sort of thing oh and if possible try not to match to much. I'm talking lighting, furniture, cushions the more you mismatch the more intriguing a space becomes. Yes its harder much harder than  matching but you're interior will thank you for it. Rugs are great for adding another dimension, top tip try if possible try to go for something patterned, pattern and texture are the herbs and spices of the decorating world they add pizazz something in a solid colour can and often does look flat. One of my favourite spaces belonging to Nikki Tibbles florist extraordinare Think that might be it, told you I would be quick, happy Tuesday.

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