Odball combos

I overslept apologises had such a rubbish night the night before that I slept for  ten hours straight which means I am way behind schedule.Never mind I will do everything on the double today apart from the blog of course. Big thank you to all who left comments on fb yesterday regarding my idea of creating a mini magazine/style guide on our new (being worked on super posh) website. Along with an expanded collection I want videos, this style guide plus (so the general consensus went) a much more interactive section where you guys can post pics of you've pad and we can all oh la la  over them, so that brief has gone to the tech team. We also have big plans for the store more on that in the next few weeks but next year is looking to be a very exciting one indeed. Right then lets talk a little about daring to be different. I do it alot not to be gimmicky or to create 'some point' but purely because when you push and stretch boundaries amazing things start to happen. So I do it alot with scale as I am sure you guys know but yet I do it even more with colour, when you go for slightly oddball  colours you create a dialogue in a room that automatically shouts interesting.  It amazes me just how safe everyone is with their colour choices, yet imagine a chair upholstered in velvet the colour of saffron, or lets say a bunch of blooms so vibrant in hue that they take your breath away. You don't need to go over board and you don't need to select large pieces of furniture like below, but you do need to be brave. Don't start thinking will this work with the scheme, we don't actually want or need it too, things that are too coordinated tend to be a big yawn.  Unexpected colour combos  up the style ratings, up the anty and get that jaw on the floor. Nothing will do it quicker or more easily than colour! The beautiful photography below  is by Sharyn Cairns.  Yellow in my humble opinion is one of the most under considered colours out there and yet just look!  

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