Wise words

Forgive yesterdays lack of post,  it was a bit of a crazy one. Big thank you to all those who attended the retail class on Friday last one of the year unbelievably although many more will be scheduled for next year. Today as you can see an early one. 4.24 yuk! Off to Kempton antiques fair with a torch, wellies, a hat and two very sleepy dogs who do not want to leave the house, ditto to that! Recently I ordered a heap of books, Edible Selby, Nate Berkus some cool flower books and a big heavy tome showcasing the designs by Roman and Williams a husband and wife design duo based out of NYC (they designed the Ace Hotel amongst many other things). Lit the biggest fire, made a coffee and got lost in this rather magical book of theirs. A couple of things stood out, firstly they are obsessives and get completely lost in a project down to the teeniest tiniest detail. They are at once understated and glamourous,(which I adore) and in designing they clear their head and focus on things they love, to quote 'be patient and brave about where you look and be prepared to go deep to find things you love. That's the secret'.  Couldn't have said it better my self. For my kind of interiors, for their kind of interiors there is no one stop shop (regrettably not even mine)! It takes time to build and layer up a home with a selection of finds that you love, but as we all know when you put the time in the results are amazing! Hence my 4am wake up call to go look round an outdoor antiques market in the dark! Another thing I love when they we're doing up their apartment they didn't have much money but they had time, they don't subscribe to the time is money philosophy - time is free, and when they have clients with limited budgets they coach them point them in the right direction and then it was up to them to put in the footwork and search and hunt things out. When their clients do have money ' we slow them down and encourage them to spend it in a creative money'. Wise words indeed. I leave you with one of their designs, Ben Stiller's pad in LA no less - no gimmicks, no humor. just simple beautiful craftsman coupled with a beautiful palette. Gotta dash so forgive spellings grammar and all that malarky - oh and the heavens have just opened and its pissing down. Great!

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