Outdoor lighting and some thank yous

Morning, I think I may have cracked the design yesterday (almost not quite) had a bit of a stumble over a wallpaper that I have been coveting for years only to find its been out of stock for years. Big thank you to all of you who helped me out with suggestions on facebook still trawling through all the amazing suggestions now! The bulk of the design is in my head, I will tell you more about this project in the next few weeks just need to get all the legal docs signed, sealed and delivered before any excitement begins on my part! So down to business I wanted to talk briefly about lighting not indoor lighting this time but outdoor lighting. One of the most transformative things I have done actually is light my gardens both front and back. it was after a trip to Miami, more specifically the Delano hotel whereby at night the outside was lit just as beautifully as the inside that I realised I had to up my game. In winter when the light fades around 4 o clock (my favourite part of the day actually because the light is so low and so soft not yet dark, just a beautiful dusky soft grey) that this house comes alive. Having a double height glass back wall has made me totally focus on the garden all year , glass wall or no glass wall lighting your outside space will actually make your pad feel bigger. Rather than looking out at a dark exterior you look out onto a whole other room.  Any DIY store sells garden lights,  cheap as chips  they do the job perfectly. We have washed both sides of the garden jasmine one side bamboo the other with such lights and the result is beautiful. We've also picked out the trees with lights, strung fairly lights everywhere, hung a chandelier from a pole, put table lights on coffee tables la la la! Out the front a couple of lights highlighting the fig and low lighting the box - wham bam - beautiful. So rather than drawing the curtains (I don't actually have any,  have a few issues with curtains but that is my problem) light outside and keep them open, winter then doesn't feel so bad I find. I've also just realised I don't have any images to show you of my garden at night so will get my act together and take a few. Onto some thank yous. We have had some amazing press this last month (actually all year) worldwide so I wanted to just say thank you to the press for their amazing support, thank you so much guys. A round up of these last few weeks; Stella Magazine, The Sunday Telegraph Style Magazine, The Sunday Times Glamour Magazine Elle Deco Spain To name just  a few, again thank you so much

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