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Morning, hope you guys had a lovely weekend.  In London it was chilly and sunny and perfect pottering weather, for Borough Market, for Broadway market, some yummy cooking oh and Christmas tree buying. Today I actually wanted you're input if you don't mind. We are in the process of revamping the website big time (it will go live early next year) and in amongst some fab new features including a section for all of us who have converted to the dark side I'm also producing a monthly zine not a magazine more like a bijou journal (a 10 pager)  full to the brim of decorating stuff. A sort of mashed up style bible, cool tips, tricks some little secret addresses of where to buy cool stuff and a very fabulous international style panel (more on that another time). We're focusing on design that breaks boundaries, profiling people who have truly made a difference and giving you all the insider knowledge you need to create a jaw on the floor interior. I'm also planning a section on retail, highlighting once a month a cool retail business and decoding why it works , and following up on some of my past retail pupils to see if they have followed their dreams and set up their own businesses (no pressure guys)! Anyways I need a name for my journal, zine or whatever we should call it. There are many discussions (fistycuffs even ) over whether it should or should not have my name it in so I wanted to ask you guys what you thought.  Also if you have ideas for content do let me know after all its for you, just don't ask me to put lots of pale minimal interiors in there casue it ain't going to happen! Other than that I'm very open and  flexible and easy going. I think!

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