Going a little wrong

Morning, big thank you for all your suggestions here on the blog and fb for a name for our new bijou journal, zine am ploughing through all the suggestions today and hope to nail it by the time dusk falls.  I was inspired to put something together because we get so many emails from around the world asking if we can run master classes and as much as I would love to fly all over the place there is only one of me, plus I have two kids to bring up (OK dogs) who are a little naughty and need a bit of supervision and can't just go hang out at the grandparents most of the year. So the point of the mini magazine is to illustrate a little more cohesively then my daily ramblings how easy it is to create a totally cool pad. Forget money, style has got nothing to do it, I know I'm far more creative when budgets are squeezed then when I can just run to Liberty's and buy up the entire 4th floor. Any clients reading (this is not to say big HUGE budgets are not good, the kind where I can fly to NYC and search out some unique find) just needed to point that out! Its addictive stuff this decorating malarkey and if I can break down some barriers, ditch the snobbery and show how to go from dullsville to fabulous ville then I'm happy! There are no rules when it comes to decorating - there are if you go to design school but in my world there aren't. Take Boaz Mazor's pad for example (he is the executive at large at Oscar de la Renta), now his pad is not for everyone. Its super traditional but also its a little bit oddball. Is it my cup of tea not exactly but I totally and utterly respect it because it feels so him. Don't ask for anyone's opinions when choosing stuff (apart from partners and that is only if you really really have to) go with your gut. If people don’t like what you’ve done then hey so what don’t let that bother you. If I took to heart some of the comments written about my pad then I would have jumped off the roof by now! Back to Boaz. He has plonked a floor light in between two diddy chairs at the end of the bed. I would've been way more conventional and put a tiny table with a small lamp there but why, why have I become so conventional all of a sudden? So yes it feels a little wrong but then (if this makes any sense at all) it also feels also a little right. So my point as odd as this sounds go a little wrong, go a little oddball doesn't need to be some quirky find it can be as simple as placing a lamp that is too tall between 2 chairs that are two small.  Experiment if it makes you feel too uncomfortable ditch it, remember no rules. [caption id="attachment_3990" align="aligncenter" width="474"]Photography Todd Selby Photography Todd Selby[/caption] Right then I have to go swim (outside in the cold can you believe) apparently my continuous hip pain is caused by my lazy glutes so I've been told to ditch yoga, swim and do pilates.  Not so great!

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