a Early one from me this morning off to the store as flowers by the truck load have arrived via the flower market as we're buying the last few bits for our Christmas masterclass this Saturday.  I must quickly tell you about Columbia Road which up until Christmas is open on Wednesday evenings, we went just last night and it was the sweetest thing. Stores flinging their doors open for gift buying, mulled wine and hot cider in the street, one cool little foodie place had blankets to wrap yourself up in and hot cider to take off the chill. Loved it totally got me in the spirit. Now then I've posted this image before but I care not as its one darn cool bedroom. It belongs as I am sure most of you know to Jenna Lyons (who has moved on) but the reason I am showing it again was because someone recently said to me they don't have the patience to trawl flea markets, hunt around the web to pull of this whole eclectic look and this image kind of proves you don't need alot to get you on your way. A cool paint colour helps big time, maybe a rug the odd bit of art and wham bam you're nearly there. Easy no? OK not easy but if you can nail the paint colour its amazing how addictive it becomes and the whole patience don't have time thing goes out the window, because you become kind of obsessed. My carriage has just turned up would love to yabber more but gotta dash x    

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