Decorating for the holidays

A mammoth day yesterday an early trip to the flower market where we brought bundles of foliage, heathers, garland for the house and our Christmas masterclass tomorrow  and then a quick dash to the store to get out all the newly arrived flowers. Back home to decorate which took all day, went to bed at 8pm and have just woken up now to a beautifully scented, decorated home. The thing about decorating a home for the holidays at least in my book is to keep it simple - so it totally fits into the scheme. I won't tell you what we've done (it will spoil it for our guests) but I will take some shots over the weekend and post them next week. Plus I was exceedingly lucky I have one of the worlds top florists as my sister so this look would have cost thousands to pull off if you had booked  her in her previous life, luckily she works for the business and its why our flowers look so darn amazing. Oh and she once did the decorations for Paul Smith as well as all the floral arrangements for a  supper for President Clinton wouldn't you know! Anyways tomorrow to all those in the class we are breaking down the secrets and showing you exactly how to pull off the look, can't wait. Also in our new mini magazine launching next year I want her to have a section because what she has done is nothing short of genius! Even if you're not at home for the big day decorating your house for the month or few weeks in December gives you such a buzz and it really doesn't need to cost the earth. As I said the trick is to not bling everything up and  tinsel the hell out of your pad, its more subtle in our world. Because I am a little nutty (there I said it) I can't stand to remove lamps and bits and bobs of furniture because I love them too much so I slit things in along side. You won't see any huge trees here or massive garlands draping the banistairs but you will see subtle beautiful decorations that look like they could hang out here year round. Your friend and the trick is foliage, foliage lasts for ever and we are obsessed with it. Infact now I don't want December to end I just want to live like this all winter, big branches of pine and lichen bundles of rosemary am in heaven. Today screw work I'm pottering around  my newly decorated abode, the only thing I don't have is cool music if any one has any suggestions, very gratefully received. Have a lovely weekend oh and by the way this wreath is not one of Gem's (can't reveal anything until our master class guests have seen) its from Saipua second most coolest florist in the world! twig wreath  

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