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A big thank you to everyone who attended the Christmas class on the weekend, Gem and I had a fabulous day, wreath making, flower making, mulled wine and mince pies loved it! Early next year I fly back to Australia (yay hay) as I'm the keynote speaker at Decoration and Design where I will be talking about Decorating with Style and launching my new book of the very same title. Cannot wait, I'm speaking on the 6th and 8th and will be book signing afterwards plus loitering around if anyone has any questions. You can book tickets thru the link attached. Additionally I will be holding one retail class to be held in Sydney on the 7th. Regrettably I can not add any more days on this visit its another zap in and out trip as my schedule is bonkers, and as much as I tried juggling and trying to  squeeze in Melbourne and other cities we just can't manage it this time round apologises. The retail class is for anyone who thinks they may want to get into this field online or otherwise. With ten years in the biz with a store that has been heralded as one of the coolest in the UK we will be giving our unique insight into how to create a successful retail store. Tips on buying, merchandising, PR, finance plus a whole load of stuff on all the pitfalls that we encountered and mistakes we made. For me there are not enough cool interiors store out there in the world, there are with fashion just not with interiors so if we can inspire anyone to launch and create a cool interiors store online or bricks and mortar a happy girl I will be!   Oh and we've just opened up a London retail class in January should anyone this side of the world fancy coming along. I should warn anyone who has been to the other classes this is a pretty tough day - there aren't lots of pretty pictures instead just tons and tons of insightful and all important advice. The day is longer (there is so much to whizz through) and the speed is fast, its a nuts and bolts incisive how to break into this world kind of day. The price of the day will include a catered lunch by the way and as we can only do the 7th Feb in Australia spaces are very limited again apologises. We go live with bookings in three hours, (11am our time) very exciting indeed. That's me done hope to see as many of you as I can in February have a lovely Monday x

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