Diminishing dour dining rooms

Yesterday got up early penned a post on dining rooms, pressed publish or so I thought carried on my day only to find I hadn't published at all so I'm attempting it again. No I don't have a document outlining all my posts for the week, I get up drink coffee sit in my pyjamas and shoot from the cuff. Unprofessional? Possibly, but then this isn't a blog like most others. I'm not showcasing the latest products from who ever, I'm not scanning in images from the latest mags and giving my opinions I am merely giving as many tips, tricks and know how for you guys to create the coolest rooms on the planet. Advice from hands on experience in the field, and although my attitude may seem a tad devil my care my delivery and the execution on any of my projects is always every time exceedingly calculated. I am deadly serious about interiors I just don't think you need to be sombre or up your own (you know what) in order to be taken seriously! Or maybe you do, will think some more on that one! So onto dining rooms. Why are dining rooms so dour I ask myself time and time again? If they are in an open plan environment there is a little more chance they're cool, if in a room of there own oh dear, dullsville! My theory goes the least amount of time you spend in a room the least loved it feels. So if you have a space that you only entertain in once a week/month/year then the chances are it’s going to feel a tad neglected. Whereas when you spend more time in a room you get to see all its fault (a bit like a relationship no)? and you can sort of work on them, or so the theory goes. Because the table takes up the largest space and is the main focal point we've got to introduce one of two other focals to pull the eye left right and centre. So a fab artwork, a cool colour on a wall, a rug anything that takes the attention away from the table. Also any empty alcoves or walls layer up - whether that’s with an impromptu bar (couple of bottles of plonk, cool little lamp, bunch of blooms, you've nailed it) or whether that’s a shelf (one of the coolest buys in this house is a besta burs shelf from Ikea) its all about layers. Layers add intrigue, intrigue creates excitement it’s as simple as that! Fairy lights are great for dining rooms draped over your bar or shelf, B&Q (yes really B&Q) do the coolest ones this season. Tiny little pinpricks of light, I think they are called glow worm or soft glow but check the box they are the smallest bulbs ever and soft and warm,  pretty cool. From the market last week we picked up bare branches which I've stuck in pots and draped lights over - too darn cool for school and lovely for dining rooms. Then lots of little pots of herbs, again from the market bunches or rosemary, bay, or anything scented like eucalyptus amazing for this time of year. OK me done hopefully this will publish. Mr Adler's holiday pad below, a fabulous very Adlerish dining room. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but it feels totally and utterly lived in and loved, hard to achieve for a holiday abode. adler Oh and I need to come up with a million quid like immediately. I’ve seen a watermill in Bedford New York which is to die for. In the woods, massive roaring fires in every room was thinking I could relocate and then flit back and forth to London like once a month. I could turn part of it into a school you could all come for the weekend, I could bake...

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