Designing a house for the Beckhams

A couple of weeks ago Style Magazine (The Times) asked me and 2 other (super cool) designers to design a London home for the Beckhams should they consider relocating to London. Yesterday full page spread in the mag of my mutterings as seen below, it was a fabulous thing to do, got carried away of course and spent a night last week dreaming of what could be done to their whole house. I actually think there is quite alot to be learned from the Beckham’s, Victoria in particular - raising above all the negative press, relentless horrible comments that dogged her for years to follow her own path, and successfully create what she is today.  When you dare to be different, negativity I hate to say tends to follow it goes with the territory. I don't mind criticism I mean I can't say I love it but it actually doesn't bother me what I find worse are the little jibes or underhand comments dressed up as humour. Odd no? In America having lived there for quite a few years there is such a different attitude to success, its embraced, encouraged its congratulated over here its a little different. Obviously I'm not talking about everyone true friends are true friends its more those casual acquaintances you bump into in the street or in the park that you don't know so well who you can see thinking 'how the hell is she doing so well when her interiors are so dark and so designed'.  Hence the underhand comments dressed up as humour. Ignore I say if you go dark, if you play around with scale if you add a few more focal points then just one, hell if you care about your interiors and make it anything other than dullsville white you will get the piss taken out of you.  Fom extended family, from neighbours, from casual acquaintances from the milkman to the postman its fair game I hate to say. Don't quite get why but lets not worry about that! Ignore it all and decorate as you want to decorate and stay above it. I go to white houses all the time and I don't hyperventilate or reach for the Prozac or a knife I might have to secretly regulate my breathing but nobody knows about that other than me. I don't take the piss and I don’t sneer I am always always polite. Dark cocooning interiors are not a fad infact they have been around for yonks and at least whilst I'm alive they are staying that way. Is this sounding like a right old rant, its not meant to I just need to get it off my chest! Link and images below: styleP2  

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