The case of the single low energy light bulb

The reason I am so obsessed with design or decorating (if I want to make it sound more laid back casual) is because I seriously believe it changes lives and can make you happier. I talk from experience because I can honestly say it’s made me so much happier. Yesterday walking back through the dark streets from the physio I came upon a home with a single light in the living room. Get this a single low energy bulb suspended from a piece of white flex in the living room nothing else on the lighting front! There was also a glitter ball in the window (can't quite deal with both problems on one day so we will stick with the lighting issue) I stopped and peaked through some more, one sofa, one chair, one coffee table and a big TV. No stuff, no pictures, flowers, lighting, rugs, no stuff. No stuff on the coffee table, nothing! I didn’t bang on the door and yell 'design police' you have undertaken a criminal design offence off to jail you go, I wanted to but hey each to there own I thought. If that makes you happy go for it, but does it?  Maybe, great if so, no looking at a zillion interior images a day, trawling flea markets at 6.30 am, scouring eBay and other online sites - no sirree. This is a personal viewpoint obviously but things that make a home happy is stuff, personal stuff it doesn't have to cost a fortune, it can if you want but it has to mean something. I say this a thousand times a day (apologises) but if you want to create a memorable interior, one where you will never ever want to leave you have to start layering. Books on side tables, lamps, t-lights, candles on mantles, stuff.  When I'm on the way home I often times envision my pad, lights softly glowing, fire quietly crackling, sofa squishy and comfy, the two M's bounding up at me the minute the key goes in and it makes me happy. Coming home to a room with nothing in it, and a single low energy bulb wouldn’t make me happy but that’s me. Some images below, just things that someone loves that make up a tableau and show us, the sticky beaks that whoever lives here loves their pad. c cc

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