All in a day

Life can sometimes be a little strange; juggling many balls in the air hoping none will fall down. A day more or less typical went like this a week or so ago. Come up with a scheme for the Beckman’s' possible new London pad for the Times, take the two M's for a walk, be interviewed by the Guardian on bicycle taxidermy (I kid you not), list the trends for a US magazine for 2013, approve new models for next collection, eat something (soup) I think, conceptualise and mood board new mini magazine, take kids for another walk, finalise dates for Australian trip Feb 2013, write a press release, feed birds, feed dogs, light fire, light candles, move a few accessories around on a shelf that weren’t working, stand around, ponder, sigh  put them back in original position. Bed Its called being a jack of all trades and I wouldn't have it any other way, but every time I think I've nailed a room here the smallest tinniest little voice in my head is always muttering not quite good enough Ahern could do better. So on we go constantly striving to nail each and every room in that perfectly imperfect way. I can't imagine a day when there is no voice, most times its quietly mumbling in the background so I can pretty much get on with what I am doing. Sometimes it’s so loud I have to literally stop, move the darn accessories around, or relocate the chair or switch the painting and then I can get back to work.  On the weekend I brought a painting.  'oh that’s Johnny Fletcher' said the bloke that sold it to me , one of Lucien's earliest works. Right for £20 quid I think not but who cares. I whizzed home with no problem placing him, infact with bundles of food shopping, papers, dogs on leads and other stuff there was no putting away the produce everything got plonked on the hall floor.  I whizzed upstairs to grab a nail and hammer banged it into the wall  (no measuring or farting around, no voice this time) and wham bam looks bloomin cool! The point you ask, oh yes the point it never gets finished no matter when you think you've nailed it and you possibly couldn't do anything better, different or add something else, WRONG. It’s always evolving, always changing not changing in big shattering type ways just little tweaks. Oh on top of that we got these amazing table lamps in on Friday- bobbly, hairy, super sized everything a lamp should be and I've naughtily bagged a few for me. Only ordered 5 it’s taken the artist like 4 months to make and I haven't taken the remaining few to the store. Why,  can't stand too in case they get sold, and I can't show you  either in case you might want them sorry!   I have one in the bedroom and one in the living room (no voice this time either they look perfect) but I also want one in the hall, one in the kitchen,  one in the bathroom, hell even one in the loo I don't care where! It’s causing a few maritals to say the least! When I say a few times that by one thousand! Oh and an image below,  doesn’t relate to todays yabberings I just rather like the colours. a Happy Wednesday

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