Taking inspiration from the Spades

With only a few days left until the big day I wanted to post a heap of little finishing touches should any of you be hosting Christmas this year and felt like upping the style ratings. Taken from one of my favourite pads, odd actually that its my fav as its a tad traditional for me, but it feels so lived in and loved and personal to the owners (Kate and Andy Spade). I've mentioned this before and if you can stand it I'll mention it again. Create a bar any old surface will do, but its great for softening empty nooks and creating interest. Add a lamp and it gets even more interesting especially at night. spade Heap family photos on mass, those below are in the coolest little frames but you'll find when you cluster in a group rather than plonking the odd one here or there they will feel more like a little art installation. spade1 Books, books books and more books on consoles, little tables, coffee tables they give a room depth and I've got them everyone. It’s the easiest trick in the decorating book. spade2 If you've got to add more furniture to accommodate all the guests don't worry about it. In my pad, in the Spades pad you can't walk in a straight line from one end of the room to the other, as there is stuff in the way so you have to meander, weave, chart your own path and you know what happens? Automatically your senses are activated and the space feels more interesting than it really is. You can't clock it in an instant your eye tarts from one vignette to another, LOVE IT! It feels scary at first putting stuff in the middle of the room as opposed to round the perimeter but I promise you it’s the equivivalent of giving your room a face lift its life changing! Spade 3 Add some art to walls, hell be braver place above doorways like the Spades have done. Kids art, prints, flea market stuff, magazine tears  in a frame again it adds so much depth. spades 4 Have a great Thursday, its supposed to bucket it down all day apparently so other than a quick dash to Islington it’s a big fire, a scented candle and an afternoon of quietly working away in my studio.

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