Happy holidays

Last post of the year from me, which sounds weird hey as I keep thinking the holidays are weeks away but nope they are just round the corner. Yesterday Christmas did actually come early as an advanced copy of my book arrived and it looks fabulous cannot wait for you guys to see. It’s published in Australia to tie in with my seminar at Decoration and Design early February in Sydney. Infact I will be book signing after the seminar if anyone fancies hanging around after and yabbering (more on that in the new year). Everywhere else its published end of March so we have to be a little more patient. So I didn't want to wind down without thanking you guys for reading my yabberings each and every day, for all your support, kind words, encouragement, questions. I get asked a lot why do I get up so early to write a blog, that doesn't pay, that isn't a commercial vehicle for the store (I hate pushing products) so what’s the point? The point is you guys, hearing that someone has converted across to the dark side and loves it, or added a few more quirky bits and adores it, or has just got a little bit more confident to create a home that they love that’s the reason. That’s why I do it, I am obsessed with interiors, you pretty much know that right?  Its so addictive, its so life changing so when other people get the same buzz the same high, that heart pounding faster experience (you normally get when you meet the love of your life) but you can also get through dabbling around with your interior it gives me the biggest feeling of euphoria. So that’s why I do it. Have a lovely Christmas, holiday season and New Year, I'm back in a week and a half. Until then happy holidays Decorating with Style - UK Cover

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