Going for gold

Spent yesterday in the garden, tidying and putting up trellis as the next-door neighbour has built something ugly in his and I'm trying to hide it. G commented that by the end of the summer we will have a walled garden which at this rate will reach 25 feet high on all sides. Fine by me, I have become literally obsessed about not seeing another window, roof, building anything.  Anyone would think that I sit in the garden naked which I hasten to add I don't but I do want privacy. I want to read the papers in my pyjamas, play with the 2 M’s and potter around totally concealed. Next project (some way off yet) turning the flat roof off the bathroom into the garden so I don't have to see the said garden then I'm happy - I think! Talking of being obsessed a colour that I am using more and more in my interiors is gold, it totally and utterly warms up a room, lends excitement and adds glamour all at the same time - genius no?  The Americans use gold alot more liberally then we do over here which is a shame I think as every room needs something blingy and shiny it gives it an edge. You don't have to go over board and paper the walls in it (Mary Macdonald has see image below) but for me its a little to much I prefer it as an accent. The great thing about this colour is it works with literally any other hue beautifully; if you've got pale interiors add a dash of gold, beautiful. If you got dark interiors add a big dose of gold beyond beautiful! So here is what I've got smattered throughout the house; gold pineapple sconces from the store (my most favourite thing) on my studio walls and bedroom walls, big supersized gold lamps oh and gold heads. Plus the odd little gold t-light and its magical. If I was given the choice between choosing a gold ring, bracelet some kind of jewellery or something gold for the home - for the home I would go. I've seen ceilings painted out in gold AMAZING especially in a dining room with a chandelier suspended beneath something almost spiritual happens with the reflections.  Gold door pulls are great (I'm on the hunt for the kitchen), gold taps and shower heads are phenomenal in the bathroom Jenna Lyons proved that in her incredible bathroom in Brooklyn. Also its a winter and summer colour, it warms a room up in winter but in the summer when the light is stronger anything gold glimmers and like magpies we gravitate towards it. Oh btw (anyone on our mailing list will know this already)  our sale started on Saturday. For the rest of this month 15% off everything, 20% off all lighting and concrete vessels and throughout the week on Facebook flash sales on one of pieces heavily discounted. First flash sale this morning at midday. If you're ordering anything on line you won't see the discount applied but it will be (all this changes when the new website goes live later this month). Poodle Lamp Gold pineapple sconces from the store, are all over my house, adore them. goldHow classy do gold pulls and knobs look - even a sink! gold1Mary Macdonald's pad, gold leopard walls anybody? Bit OTT for moi but each to there own as the saying goes. I'm off to Pilates again - double ugg!  

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