Global interiors

You wouldn’t think you could look at an interior and shout ‘oh so British’ or oh so American or Italian or Australian would you, but I guess subconsciously or not we all decorate according to where we live.  We’re influenced by our culture, history, climate whether we kind of think about it or not.Whenever we exhibit as Masion Objet in Paris buyers always come onto our stand and say ‘so British’ which always kind of takes me aback as I can’t quite see that it is, but obviously it is. Giving it some thought I gravitate to inky sludgy gentleman’s drinking club type rooms or dens – that envelope and wrap me up with warmth the minute you enter, like the softest cashmere blanket with a bit of tongue in cheek madness thrown in. If I had lived in a hot country all my life would I be decorating in this fashion, I kind of like to thing so. Cool London haunts like Claridges bar, Mark Hix’s bar downstairs in Soho, Gordon’s wine bar purely lit by candlelight, and some of those Maltby Street warehouses  – fab little bars, and restaurants (go first on a Sat lunch time it’s the coolest time to go) appeal big time. The Ace Hotel in NYC,  those amazing dark interiors often found in Italy, Holland and the like are for me heavenly. I’m not into beachy pale interiors but then I have a problem with beaches! I know I know crazy, who doesn’t like a beach right. Well me! Its not that I don’t like them, a 5 minute potter in the sand and then a swim and I’m as happy as Larry but then I’m done – ask my to lay down on the sand or hang out for a day on the beach and I go a little crazy. When I say a little I mean a lot. Too bored too many places too unearth, discover uncover, I start fidgeting and asking kid like questions ‘are we nearly done yet’? Therapy, well  possibly?I must say however I reckon its getting harder to tell, some interiors are obviously English, Australian etc etc but with so much visual stimuli out there, and the fact that we are able to purchase stuff from vertically any country in the world means all our interiors take on more off a global stance and I like that. When I go to Paris buying next week and trawl hundreds of stands from suppliers all over the world sometimes I can clock in an instant the country of origin sometimes not so much. Some images below, guess the country? 00 desk BTW the flash sale will happen slightly later today, (3pm) and I will post on the blog as well. Oh and very quickly I'm off to the store super early to get out way more sale stuff and the birds outside are singing their little hearts out, I think they think its Spring, its so mild at the moment it feels as if its just around the corner, cannot wait, love love love the birds.

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