Creating a luxurious interior

I flit all the time between styles like boho, rustic and glam and I try (not always successfully) to blend all three styles into my interior. One style I am perhaps leaning towards the most (and maybe its an age thing and I'm getting more grown up) is glamorous interiors. The kind that feel luxurious the moment you open the door and sort of wrap you up in the squishiest of blankets.  But how to achieve?  Well it’s not hard when you break it down. First up wallpaper, back in vogue big time the choices out there are enormous which is great for us consumers, and one of the easiest ways to inject glamour into your walls particularly if say you don't have the hugest art collection. I am dithering about papering our stairwell and am playing around with some designs I'm considering putting into production. I reckon we should consider wallpapering hallways way more than we do - its unexpected and it makes the greatest statement and if I'm honest I have never truly loved our hallway, its OK but niggles away at me, so thinking wallpaper is the way to go! Texture is another good component when thinking about glamour, super expensive looking velvets, cashmere's, silks (don't panic on price you can often times pick these up for a song on eBay or markets) .I've many a time turned an old pair of velvet curtains into great big cushions - beautiful. Can I perhaps also interest you in a little bit of animal print as seen below from Lonny's latest issue - cover anything in it and it immediately ups the glam ratings. I personally wouldn't over do it; one stool or small chair is all you need. Mirrors are also great, you can go gilded and trad again like below but you can also go modern. Last year I found the most amazing mirrors on earth for the store, however the supplier has had production problems so it turns out I've been waiting over 6 months but they promise me end of February. Imagine super sized, round with a simple gold band (grabbing one - no two for home) don't tell anyone otherwise it will cause the hugest arguments! e Flowers as we all know add a beautiful glamorous touch, as does anything gold, which I touched upon the other day. You don't need a grand house or apartment to pull off the luxurious vibe; the interior above believe it or not is a rental in NYC. Which goes to illustrate my point about layers, the more layers you add the cooler your pad but you all know that right I've said it a trillion times already. Have a lovely weekend - not totally sure what we are up too, other than breakfast at Borough with the kids because Monmouth allow dogs (yay hay). The only trouble being a Jack Russell (who has been going for some time) arrives at exactly the same time as us and is none to happy about our two. I get it he though he had Monmouth to himself and then 2 new kids on the block turn up, barking at him and creating a right old din. For some reason Maud has the hugest problem with Jack Russell’s not sure why, she won't talk to me about it which does not help. Oh and back later with the flash sale, as its the end of the week and its the last one I will make it good.  

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