Don't stop decorating too soon

Morning morning, no snow in London which is fabulous hate the stuff.  Yesterday morning I turned into a crazy person out in the garden in the dark in pyjamas with a broom knocking the snow off all the plants (worried that there were getting to cold) - yes even stood on a garden chair and attached the olive tree that’s like 80 years old. Nobody likes to be covered in snow especially if you are 80 (was my theory and I'm sticking to it) - but now it’s all melted so the pressure is off. I say this a lot so I hope you don't mind if I mention it again but I believe people in general stop decorating too early. AND yet it’s the accessories that give a room soul and make it intriguing. The more stuff you have in a room the longer you want to linger. Now art, which I also talk about all the time is one such way of bringing a room alive. Something we plan to do in the revamped store in a few weeks time is to create a bijou art collection. Flanking one of our fireplaces with wallpaper behind beautiful little shelves with affordable art, prints, oils all cool and all something I would have at home (infact they may well stay at  home will come back to you on that one)!  We all know that hanging art saloon style (i.e. in a higgidly piddigly fashion) is in Vogue in a big way right? If you’re art isn't expensive or you've got the odd, (please make it odd and not a whole wall of family snaps) , or magazine tears, or framed book covers this style of arrangement is the best way to go. Another totally cool idea taken up a step or too is this, which I saw over on Apartment Therapy: one A simple shelving system housing  pieces of art. The homeowner fronted in glass but I'm thinking that isn't totally necessary, I would go for something a tad more casual and laid back and ditch the glass, but its totally up to you. It’s cool no? Suddenly the wall makes a fabulous statement and I reckon it’s pretty easy to knock up yourself? Obviously you don't need the shelving system but it grounds it and makes the room feel and look way grandeur then if the art were merely hung on a wall. Before I go I must thank the Wall Street Journal on Saturday for their very lovely mention, thanks guys. Have a fabulous day

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