A new chair for the studio and going edgy with colour

Thank you for all your birthday wishes yesterday, very kind indeed, was very touched. I had a lovely day all be it a working one. Yesterday I got the coolest ergonomic chair from Herman Miller for my studio, its called SAYL.  Matched to my specific needs (hours in front of the computer, writing books, designing etc.) I have to say its life changing. Truly life changing! SAYL Now I've sat on the oldest, springs in the ass type dining chair for years and have resisted going down the officey route, vainly because I didn't see it fitting into my scheme. EXCEPT I'm a convert, with a frameless suspension back (that keeps you cool, and was modelled on the San Fran bridge no less)  its elegant, stylish with first class ergonomics, can’t really ask for more than that right! Why I spent so long on an old dining chair is now beyond me. Yesterday I worked into the evening without even noticing it, usually I am groaning and moaning about back pains, hip pains you name it. So thank you Herman Miller I love my new chair. So this morning, feeling sprightly and inspired I thought I might try and convince those who have not already dabbled that is, to take a few risks with colour. Whether you have a pale interior or a dark interior, going a little off radar with your colour selection is what knocks an interior out of the park. You don't have to paint the walls pink (although you will see an interior below that has), but you could perhaps fling on the bed a cushion in say Barbie esq paint, or a throw in teal or mustard, or a rug in red – see where I am going?  We're not talking namby pamby wishy-washy colours here we’re talking ballsy look at me, I'm the king of the castle hues. You can be as daring as you want (generally I shy away from putting brights on walls) but that’s me you certainly don't need too. But I do love accessorizing with colour, my bedroom which is only half working needs an injection of colour so am planning on upholstering two little tub chairs I've got in bright bright catch your breath pink to lift the space. It doesn't take much, the only thing you need is confidence and you don't need that if say you're considering painting out an occasional table or coffee table in an off radar hue. Why. well because that takes a matter of seconds (OK a few hours at the most) so there’s no worries there as it can easily be repainted. Flowers in amazing hues lift a space, we've got peonies, berries, renuculus, hell I've put a load of fake pink and red berries in a tub in the garden and they look super cool and catch and tantalise the eye. Talking off flowers cannot wait to show you the Spring collection, due in in a few weeks – ah ma zing (including trees – yikes)! redThe red chairs and the odd splash of blue lift this space and take it to a whole other level. red1Pink walls anyone, I'm kind of loving? Have a lovely day xx

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