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Morning from a very snowy London. Am kind of glad I don't commute a simple 2-second walk from the bedroom into the studio and wham bam I'm at my desk. So I spent the last few days in Paris, which I hate to say was very disappointing. Not the city itself which is extraordinary but the show I went too. To safe, to boring, every supplier doing the same thing - if I see anymore rustic, country or beachy looking interiors I think I might slit my wrists. What’s going on? I mean I know the economy is tough and suppliers desperately want to showcase what sells but dear God just because its the spring summer collection it doesn't have to be beachy or rustic right? Where were the leaders of the pack pushing boundaries (there were a few, amazing ones) but only a few?  We found things but boy was it tough a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. On the plus side we found beautiful modern wall lights with the internal part of the shade in gold which cast the most magical light (some of those are coming home), a phenomenal leather sofa, some super cool vases, throws and objects but tough going. It’s a lesson, as I was saying to Gem (my sister who came with me) I have to get off my ass and design more then I don't have to worry about not finding stuff simple as that. So baring all that in mind its no wonder that most people’s pads are so conventional because retailers have very little choice when it comes to diversity. Not that that is a good enough excuse for retailers by the way. For us it means I have to go on more buying trips, Morocco, Turkey, France and dig out and find small artisans, but its an expense that many stores don't want to have in tough trading times. Regrettably if I wouldn't have it in my home I can't buy it no matter if it means that the next few months are now crazier than ever pencilling in more trips, no matter if I think some rustic looking pot for 2 euro will sell like hot cakes and buy me a chateau in the Dordogne. Just can’t do it! Shall I get to the point? I could just sit here all day and yabber to you guys but then I would be putting off the problem and not dealing with it face on and booking more trips. So my point - don't let the homogenisation of the high street put you off creating a super cool interior. If it means on your part it might take a little more work, a little more digging around to seek out the unusual, so be it, it will pay off. So what if the look is beachy rustic, throw in some Hollywood glamour, some tribal lux, a bit of boho and then magic will happen. The Internet is one big source book; vintage markets and stores another source book. Mass markety things are fine, hell I’ve got lots of Ikea lacquer consoles and shelves all around this place its the odd little bit of stuff that goes on them that takes them to the next level. aA good example of how the odd worn chair or slightly thread bare rug, vintage pieces basically elevate a space. Enough from me, sure you are bored to death by now. Onwards and upwards as they say!

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