One of the most transformative tricks in the decorating book

Morning, today don't feel so great.  Achy, couldn't sleep, hot, then cold yadda yadda yadda. Right now I should be at Pilates - but no chance of that, and so little sympathy with anyone else at home. The two M's have gone off for their play in the park zooming out the door, balls in mouth, tails wagging not so much as a kiss or feel better soon Mummy whisper. Such is life as they say. When it comes to decorating I push boundaries, not crazy boundaries but ones that I have found over the years are pretty transformative. One of the single most important things you can do to a space any space, big, small, palatial is to paint the ceiling out the same hue as the walls. It’s a simple trick but one that scares clients the most and I kind of don't get why? Whenever I mention it faces contort (especially if the scheme happens to be dark) and I always get the same answer NO. As a designer you are constantly on the battlefield, trying to convince and coerce clients into trusting you, you walk this fine line between trying wholeheartedly not to cause waves but at the same time pushing gently pushing clients (after all that’s why they hired you right) into trusting you. Sometimes there is fisty cuffs, hair pulling and stamping of feet (rarely thank God) other times it’s a zillion images under the nose or a trip to my pad so they can see in real life just how transformative it is. Below is one of my convincing images (have a heap of them) that I show clients. When you paint the ceiling out, lines blur the space becomes more sophisticated somehow as the room feels grandeur, btw if it’s a small room even better as its even more transformative. Then what you put in the space immediately pings out at you. It’s such a simple trick, but it’s the biggest obstacle I have time and time again. So now I'm trying it on you guys. Paint your ceiling out the same colour as your walls (no matter what  colour your walls happen to be) and then stand back. Its A M A Z I N G! one

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