Decorating with Style

This time next week I will be in Sydney. That is of course once I've come to terms with the enormity of the flight and gotten myself on the plane, hate flying but that is my problem and not something I shall bore you with. I'm the keynote speaker at Decoration and Design this year, which is hugely exciting if anyone wants to come along to the seminar all info is here. I'm launching my book, Decorating with Style at the very same time and book signing after each seminar (it gets published in Oz 6 weeks earlier than the rest of the world). I am so very proud of this book- from the amazing photography to the content it takes you on a kaleidoscopic visual journey with oodles and oodles of tips, tricks and insider knowledge. Forget rules, trends or forecasts this style of decorating is all about filling your pad with stuff you love. I say this probably a thousand times a day but decorating can be a snooty old business and I'm on a mission to demystify and break down those barriers giving you the confidence to do as I do, create beautiful interiors, that you will never ever won’t to leave.  You don’t  need millions of dollars to create cool interiors but you will need to think a little differently after all this style of decorating isn't about decorating by numbers, with everything from the same recognisable source. It’s about embracing individuality.  The only rule,  if you don't 100 per cent love it don't buy it! Below a sneak peak of my sister's pad featured heavily in the book. We have both changed our spaces big time since the first book, we've taken more risks, pushed more  boundaries and the result I think is way cooler. With more stuff in each and every room, more focal points and a confidence you only get with age and practice we're pretty ready to take on the world I reckon! Photography (beautiful amazing photography) by Graham Atkins Hughes GG2_Leigh004_0082

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