Some thank you's

Forgive the late post, to many elderflower martini's last night which resulted in me sleeping in late and missing Pilates - darn it!  However it’s Friday so I can always catch up on the weekend should I need to. Talking of the weekend off to Australia for 3 days (bonkers) yes a little, but there is a lot going on right now so can't manage much longer regrettably. The two M's stay here which I am not thinking about as I am the hugest baby saying goodbye to them - any more trips then I need my own plane because they are coming, and that is the end of it. Infact its going in my rider, cannot stand to leave them! I wanted to say a big thank you to Karen McCartney the founding editor of the beautiful magazine Inside Out who wrote a lovely review of our store in Est Magazine. The best part of my job is the incredible feedback and reviews I get off the press and off you guys, it makes everything so worthwhile. On Monday The Times listed my blog as one of the top websites you can't live without which was amazing, and now Est. magazine (images below) have photographed the store beautifully and given us the sweetest review. So thank you guys, to the press and all of you who leave comments and come to the classes, to the store, shop online it’s much appreciated. It makes the long hours, the frustrations that go with the terriority of having a retail store so worthwhile. I never talk about the behind the scenes scenarios that occupy quite a large part of team AA's day (I do a little in the retail class) but not on the blog and so we all get the biggest buzz from the lovely feedback. Some images from Est. below, have a good weekend and talk next week x MM MMM

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