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Back from my whirlwind trip to Sydney with packed out seminars and long huge queues at my book signings and I must say I am totally overwhelmed, blown away, flattered and delighted at the response. Thank you Australia for being so enthusiastic to this style of decorating, particularly as its dark, eclectic, kaleidoscopic and so on. It goes to show that you can live anywhere in the world,  in hot climes in cool climes and once you get that decorating bug there is no going back. It becomes a little obsessive, just when you think you've nailed it and you're sitting back with you're feet up proud as punch wham bam you happen upon something that takes you by surprise, pulls you up by the cuffs and off you go again. It doesn't end EVER, which is a good thing, as Martha Stewart would say. The best thing about being home is being reunited with the two M's, we have had the most snuggles ever this weekend. My parents kindly took care of them whilst we were away and from all accounts they had lots of country adventures. So this past weekend I snoozed they snoozed and we're only just getting back to normal.  23 hours on a plane with no sleep kind of screws you up! So this morning I wanted to try to encourage anyone who is up for it,  that is to ditch all those niggles and worries when it comes to decorating and just get on with it. Who cares if you're room is to small, or an awkward shape, or you have little kids, or you're renting. Maybe you have a limited budget, maybe you're time poor (aren't we all) but my point is the more limitations and barriers we put up the more boring our spaces become. Its only when we take risks, i.e. paint a wall in a colour you wouldn't normally go for, or play around the scale, or move the furniture away from the walls, that sort of thing that we elevate our spaces to a whole other level. Years of being in the biz has taught me one thing - the most memorable interiors are those that push boundaries and dare to be different. Found this image below from the latest issue of Rue. When you break it down its actually pretty easy to see why its so powerful. The homeowner has pushed it with the colour selection, added oodles of texture and into that mix a couple of beautiful hues to elevate to another level, the pink flowers (pink and black are a magical combo) and a gold mirror. You don't need to be an A list decorator, or a leading stylist to pull it off. You just need to believe in yourself and have the confidence to give it a go. rue Happy Decorating

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