Space matters

Morning, overslept big time this morning went to bed at 8.30 can you believe and slept a solid 11 hours, pretty unusual for me and probably would have slept a thousand hours more if I hadn’t been woken up. Thank goodness I was otherwise this could be lunchtime already! Something I talked about alot last week in Australia was space. Whenever you move into a property somewhere along the line there is always a problem with space, rooms might be to big, to small, an awkward shape, facing the wrong direction there is always a little something.  In bijou teeny tiny pads in cities like NYC, Paris and London I've seen some ingenious use of small spaces; passageways and hallways double dutying as home offices, wardrobes you name it, to open plan massive spaces found in places like Australia and the States again I've seen some cool ways of cozying them up. So whether you live in a shoebox or a manor hourse my trick is to utilise rooms to the max.  You won't be able to change the physical dimensions but you absolutely can change the perception. Here is how: Number 1 top top top tip, paint the ceilings the same colour as the walls this applies to any size room. It will make the space grander, edgier and way more sophisticated especially in small rooms. Number 2 Add visual interest through dazzling colour, this doesn't have to be applied to walls so think accessories, the odd rug, bunch of flowers etc. Number 3 Layer your lighting. If your space is large then you will want to cosy it up as it might feel a tad sterile and lighting is the way to go. Lots of little pockets of soft lighting will work a treat and take the space to a whole other level; the same of course goes with small rooms. Number 4 Get the furniture placement right.  Crucial !. If all your stuff is up one end the room will feel unbalanced, if all the furniture is placed around the perimeter it will feel like a doctors waiting room and your space will feel uptight and dull. Move it in and angle it I say! Number 5 Add Layers. The more layers you add the more interesting a room reads. The plan as I say a zillion times is to walk into a room and not know where to look because your eye is pulled in every which way. Subconsciously our senses are activated and we feel more excited. It’s an easy peasy trick. My sister's pad below (as seen in my latest book Decorating with Style, out here end of March). See how amazing Gem and her boyfriend Russ have made their hallway look. It’s not large but its sooo welcoming. You come in and you want to linger, hang out swig a martini whilst leaning against the banister looking at all the art. That is what its all about, decorating that makes you happy! [caption id="attachment_4204" align="aligncenter" width="474"]Photography Graham Atkins Hughes Photography Graham Atkins Hughes[/caption] Right then that's me done, I need coffee!

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