Sprucing up for Spring

We've been swamped with emails since the lovely Jen from Interiors Addict wrote on her blog that we were opening a store in Australia. That is certainly the plan somewhere down the line, but not in the near future I hate to say. We need to find investors, a location a team and so much more, and possibly a huge rope in which to pull Australia just a little bit closer to London, all of which takes a little time. I would love to open in Oz, we send so much out there it’s bonkers but it will take a little time just to warn. Still on Australia I know lots of you have emailed to say my book has sold out everywhere which is amazing, and I'll have more info shortly on when the next batch is due in, however I do know that the fabulous book shop Kinokuniya have copies if you are quick so fear not. Again thank you Australia we are literally blown away by the response not just to my packed out seminars but the pace and the level of which the book has been sold. AMAZING! So now I need Spring to happen, its time already I'm bored of hats and boots and thick wintery coats, I want flip flops and shorts (maybe not shorts) but you know what I mean. I want to spruce up my home for spring, fling open the glass doors and breathe in the sweet smell of the earth. There is something about spring that just begs for change whether that's revamping your pad or changing your life - it’s a time I love the most in the year, its full of rejuvenation and possibilities. For me (and yes it helps having a faux flower store in my store) greenery and blooms transform a space. Changing some winterberry with a spring blossom elevates the room and it’s the easiest thing to do. Whether you go real or go faux the thing is to plonk them all over the place. If going real consider going down the foliage route, foliage lasts twice if not 3 times as long and is half the price! Its funny because whilst most people think about painting things white bright and creamy I tend to go the other way because I love the contrast between indoors and out, inside feels even more magical. I don't theme, no beachy vignettes happening here but I do add pops of summery hues into my scheme, bright yellow cushions that go pop for example or Barbie esq pink. I use any coloured glassware I have as vases as n the spring summery light it looks magical and adds sunshine to a room. The things I'm not doing is removing rugs, throws and artworks to simplify my scheme, are you crazy I would never come home if it were that bland - I'm just throwing is a few more bright hues and adding tons of flowers. Good job the next flower delivery is next week, Ive asked the truck to come via here before heading over to the store. Don't tell! My pad in full summer as you will see nothing is removed or pared back, its taken from my new book, Decorating with Style  which (did I say already) launches end of next month. Am soooo excited Abbi011_0251

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