Talking curtains

Had the first lunch of the year outside on the terrace yesterday. It was just, only just warm enough. Home made pizza, Sunday papers, good strong coffee and happy as Larry! The whole weekend was spent messing around with the garden (more neighbour problems. different neighbour this time with a different set of problems). One side at the back of the garden has been exposed (and you know how funny I am about seeing even a roof top) so trellis had to go up, and a whizz to the nursery where I brought the quickest growing climber on earth and that is only half of it. Won't bore you with everything else that has to be done. Down to business, I thought I would talk about curtains this morning, something I rarely touch upon since for ages I've had an aversion to them. However I am coming round slowly but surely and whilst I am not about to put curtains up in any of my rooms (apart from possibly the bedroom) I know many people have them and love them so lets discuss. Obviously this is personal and you don't have to listen to me but I prefer curtains with clean lines so literally no frills, minimal puddles, no swags or god forbid lambrequins (decorative valances), just simple simple. I generally go for a solid hue without pattern, although my parents brought some bookcase curtains from H&M recently and they look fab! The unfussier you go, the unfussier your room will look. So I tend to think of them as a lovely embellishment, like a piece of jewellery that doesn't overwhelm what’s going on  just subtlety enhances it. A couple of images below of curtains which I happen to adore. bedroom This is made from burlap a super cheap material (burlap) and I have to say  looks pretty amazing, particularly against the dark hue. curtains Same house but different room and a more expensive material. Cashmere, solid in hue and extremely elegant adds a layer of softness and luxury that you just wouldn't get if you left unadorned. We've got (as some of you know I am sure) a double height glass wall at the back of house with no window treatment, which is why getting back to gardens I am obsessive about the back since its like one big curtain with jasmine, bamboo and huge trees screening us not from just neighbours but also from any odd ugly building. I shall say no more on that front, other than I’m planting the hell out of our garden so never again will I have to deal with it!

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