Layers, layers, layers

Late one this morning, team drinks in a pub in Islington after work last night ended up with walking home in the swirling misty streets of London with Mungy and Maud at midnight banging on about how fun it is to tip toe home when the streets are quiet and the roads so thick with fog, you could almost cut them with a knife. Felt I was in some sort of Dickens novel as I sticky beaked my long way home peering into people's home's who were still up and running into foxes that sent the two M's off into crazy barking mode. Now I'm going to talk about layers again (please not again I here you shout) but listen they are sooooo very important and I reckon I should talk about them at least once a week until I see some changes happening! Walking back through Islington at midnight quite a few of the homes (being polite here) were minimally decorated by that I mean I could clock them in a second. Living rooms looked like so; single pendant, furniture around the perimeter, coffee table (if I am lucky) big TV over mantle or on wall. That's it. That was it, promise not exaggerating. Now that is perfectly OK if you are happy with that scenario but I’m thinking NO ONE repeat no one could be happy with that scenario unless some sort of medication is being taken, no? The thing about layers is that they are so transformative, they elevate a space to another level because as you will see in the image below your eye doesn't quite know where to look. It darts from the painting, to the bar, to the yellow chair, to the corner of the coffee table,.  Consciously or subconsciously your senses are more engaged and you feel intrigued, excited and tantalised! So easy to do no? for blog1 Right then I need coffee, times that by hundred and something to eat like a little home made granola, Greek yoghurt and poached fruits. Actually I need a chief a full time live in chief because the only thing in the house right now is apple juice, and a banana unless I tuck into the food of the two M's, organic fishy pie anyone?

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