Talking confidence

Morning, its Design School Weekend this weekend, so today and tomorrow I'll be yabbering all about how to create your dream home, how to figure out your style, along with some fab ideas on finishing touches, decorating for less and of course thrown into the mix a whole load of rule breaking. I say it a zillion times and I shall say it again unless you dare to be different you just won't get interiors that are memorable, tantalising and intriguing. If you don't take risks you don't get anywhere - pretty true in life I would say as well. You may fail, you may land flat on your face but, big big BUT here the most important lesson I have learnt is to not be put off. Learn by your mistakes, they make you stronger, figure out exactly what went wrong and then move on. No lingering, pondering, procrastinating - move on, move up. The biggest thing we lack I think is confidence when it comes to decorating, and the mistake we all make is asking for to many opinions when it comes to decision making. Listen to your heart, your gut and if no one likes what you've done but you don't worry about it. Not so long ago, last year in fact an online site sent a photographer round to my house to shoot it 'their style'. The pictures were the worst I have ever seen, overly lit, badly shot, hideous, I was literally shocked when I saw them, especially when I pointed them in Todd Selby's direction who has taken the most beautiful pics of the house. Anyways the comments surrounding these images were bad, 'how does she live here, to cluttered, dark ' yadda, yadda, yadda on and on they went. Did it make me change anything, NOPE, did I worry that the vast majority of people looking at those images didn't like them, NOPE. They don't live here I do, plus the way it was shot didn't help but my point, my long rambling point is don't listen to anyone but yourself and the people that live in the house with you. If your house is decorated with confidence guests will feel that the minute they walk through the door. If it’s decorated in a safe, dullish way guests will also feel that the minute they walk through the door. Take risks, push boundaries and tantalise I say, then you will never want to leave. Seriously its true there is nowhere in the world I would rather be than here! I leave you with an image of Mr Adler's bathroom in Manhattan. Jonathan totally and utterly follows his own path and I respect that. Orange shower curtain anyone, gold fittings and fixtures. WHY NOT, do as you please its your pad no one elses! bathroom

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