Make mischief

Morning, I must begin with a big huge thank you to everyone who attended the master classes this past weekend. Such a fabulous group of people and I had the best time, thank you all again. Monday, Monday I happen to love Monday's never quite know where the week is going even though it’s pretty much planned out. The store is closed for 4 days major internal overhaul, cannot wait to get in there and place all the new products as well as the new spring flowers, new furniture etc etc so its a crazy busy week. I get asked alot about how to make interiors magical, the weird thing is I never intend it, it just sort of happens organically. I don't sit down and think lets infuse this room with energy, or intentionally make mischief it really just works out that way. I guess the biggest component, or the biggest bit of mischief I make is  a trick I use time and time again - playing around with scale. its bedazzling its takes a space from drab to fab by throwing into the mix this shot of oddball. You don't want your home  to make perfect sense, perfectly co-ordinated, everything the same height reads as a big yawn. You want to throw in a curve ball, knock the room out of the park.  to the next level so to speak and one of the easiest ways of doing that is as I say in the title to make mischief. Life can be dull enough, interiors don't need to be! Ditch decorating rules (rules constrain and hinder us) and instead sprinkle a little fairy dust magic on your space by putting things that are to big on things that are to small. Its the easiest decorating trick in the book I shall give you a few examples. Here at home mirrors that are to big flank walls that are to small; jugs of foliage or faux blooms that are pretty huge get plonked on tables that are to small; same goes for lamps extra large table lamps even floor lamps in this house get hitched up onto tables, so they almost topple over.  You don't want to over do it mind because my ultimate goal is to create spaces that are beautiful not gimmicky so one of two little touches kind of nails it. Then just sit back and watch as guests and family come through the door, they won't quite know where to look and they won't quite know what makes the room so intriguing and tantalising. Love it mypad4Vases that are soooo tall sit on teeny tiny little tables in my bedroom mypad14Floor lamps sit on ostrich tables in my lower ground floor distorting the scheme and adding that element of magical intrigue.    

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