Talking rugs

It’s a little after 3.30am and off for another epic day in the store. The builders are gone and now it’s just a case of unwrapping lots of new products and getting everything sorted and out. Not totally finished with the build there is still the back to do, but you can’t even get to the back it’s a little crazy. School is fully booked so the two M’s are in with me and Gem today (that should be fun) not so sure I need two unpacking managers sticking noses into everything but I guess the more hands the easier right? Yesterday when I whizzed back to collect them at the school gates  'the report of the day', from their teacher, Mung's was a dream, Maud a little vocal ! Have to be super quick as I leave any second and sitting here in pjs without a coffee even! So rugs we're talking rugs this morning, yes this early, as it’s never, repeat never to early to yabber about them. One of the most transformative things you can do is lay a rug on your floors; it transforms a space to a whole other level. The trick is no matter how small the pattern  try if you can to have some sort of pattern going on as I find it enlivens the space way more then if you opt for one solid colour – which is a little to carpet like for me. If you happen to have more than one rug going on in a room as I do, restrict the colour palette and then you can mix far more easily. Oh and ignore on those rules about should the sofa be on, off, to the side of the rug blah blah blah. If you like the rug (for me they are one of the hardest things to find) buy it and make it work, as Tim Gun says in project runway. That is what I do. So a small but cool rag rug skims a floor in front of my kitcehn units, a long runner skims the other side of the kitchen, a zebra hangs out in the TV nook, tribal rugs are elsewhere and I’m just talking the basement. Forget measuring, umming and arring if you love the rug buy the thing and make it work. rugs Talking of work a super quick coffee and then I’ve gotta fly. Happy Thursday!    

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