Store reveal

Finally after a full on week like no other, ta da da, we have a new looking beautiful store. There are still a few tweaks to make - my office which is turning more into a mini sitting room at the back, still needs to be done, but we are so nearly there.   I don't think I have ever been quite so proud, its like my child is all grown up, on Friday I didn't actually want to leave fancied moving in and just hanging out. Here are some peaks : We now have a book section, so fav interior books of mine that I reference all the time are now in store and available to buy: new store1 Super sized lamps hang out next to super sized lamps, not forgetting the odd rams head and heavenly jugs of faux flowers of course! new store2 Our new selection of faux spring flowers takes your breath away. Mimosa, lilac, delph, roses, blossom are sooo beautiful this season. new store3Also Gem, my sis and the best florist in the world (I can say that she has created some amazing creations for Paul Smith and President Clinton) has made a selection of bouquets small, medium and super sized that you can literally take away with you, and she will be in store every Thursday until around 3 if any of you guys ever need flower advice. new store 4 new storeSo there you go some little peaks. Every thing looked so cool when Gem and I left on Friday that I said to her that I kind of wish it would stay like that, so nothing would sell EVER, people could just come in (maybe pay a pound, we have to make a living somehow right ) look around and go again! Cool concept no. NO i know a rubbish concept but you know what I mean! Worth all the hard work and the long hours because when you walk through the door you smile, its an interior that makes you happy. No matter what is going on in the world, in your life, with the weather you enter this little magical world and your heart rate beats just that little bit faster. That to me is what decorating is all about! Happy Monday

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