Thank yous, questions and some insider advice

Wow what an amazing response to our new website, thank you guys for all your feedback we're feeling slightly overwhelmed but so flattered so big thank you. Today we are shooting in store all the flowers so they can go online.  Gem is making up bunches of wondrous things which means that everyone will now be able to buy not just single stems, but posies and larger bouquets created by her for the first time on line so we are very excited. It feels with the revamp, the website and not forgetting my fabulous new book that we have evolved. Now I say this time and time again but that is the thing with this style of decorating, it takes time. Not just that it’s a confidence thing the more you dabble the more you want to dabble. Before we begin with today’s musings I have a question, which I am wondering if you might help me out with. Our Design Classes as I am sure you know are incredibly popular (we have new dates to announce for Australia and NYC very shortly btw) however we get so many requests for me to run classes all over the world I had a thought. As much as I would love to spend all year teaching around the globe regrettably it’s not so practical (plus I have two kids under 4 to bring up, OK OK dogs same thing, same thing). So how about an E class. For all those people that can't get to my London home to take the class or be in Australia or NYC we were thinking we could create something online. All the tips, tricks, insider knowledge that I impart in the classes could be accessible on line. I know it’s not quite the same thing, but short of cutting me into 1000 pieces thought it might solve the problem? What do you think? Right down to business - something I drone on about all the time in the classes is how to create jaw on the floor interiors. Here it is in nutshell, are you ready? You will need in no particular order: Focal points zillions of them (not one, not two at least three) Something unexpected -  like say a kooky piece of art, or object a piece of  furniture. The reason we are trying to throw the room off balance and thus make it more unexpected. The more predictable a room looks the more boring a room feels. Colour - either on walls, rugs, objects somewhere, anywhere oddball shots of colour, fundamental in taking a room to a whole other level (see yesterdays post). Scale - with all my interiors I want you to feel like you've just fallen down the rabbit hole and entered a magical world, and you won't feel like that unless you play around with scale. Put things that are to big on things that are to small, super size lighting - that kind of stuff Talking of stuff the more you have - books, plants, flowers, art - the more  interesting a space becomes. See its easy no? Couple of images to inspire and oh for anyone coming to the store today excuse the mess its flower centric in there today! one oneaAll photography Simon Watson  

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