Sneak peak of our new faux flowers

They are not quite on line yet, still working thru but wanted to show you guys a sneak peak of the our lovely spring flowers. So we have a selection of Gem's posies - pretty adorable no? There are way more going on line its just a little example, fl1 fl2 Then jugs of the most amazing mimosa in zingy yellow, also a soft buttery yellow which isn't shown here but will be online fl4 fl5 Jugs and jugs of lilac which I am obsessed with in different colours so spring like and heavenly fl6 As do the roses, super glam and very sexy, you can get them in  single stems or in beautiful domes There are of course tons more and all in the vein of English country blooms. Our plan is to make you feel like you've just stumbled across a meadow with the most heavenly bunch of blooms all hanging out together. Have a lovely weekend

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